Yext marketing services cost anywhere from $199 to $999, depending on your plan, and this cost is billed on an annual basis. When hiring a Yext certified agency or a Yext certified partner, you can get discounted pricing because Yext resellers and third-party Yext marketing companies are given this advantage. Top Yext certified agencies might charge premium rates because of their proven experience and results. Working with Yext consulting representatives and Yext resellers can be favorable to you if you’re on a budget and prefer to pay less than the published price. However, the best Yext certified companies can vary in pricing, so be sure to have that information handy when comparing agencies. When you find different costs for top Yext certified companies, stick to those that suit your budget.

Before choosing among the best Yext certified agencies, you need to understand your goals and what you are trying to achieve with Yext marketing services. Yext marketing can deliver highly visible business listings in Google, improve local SEO and increase your business’s reputation with higher review ratings. Unfortunately, not all Yext marketing agencies have equal success in hitting all of these goals, so you need to do sufficient research into the top Yext certified agencies to guide your decision. With this knowledge in mind, choosing the right Yext company or Yext certified partner should be easier. Depending on your objectives, you can select the Yext marketing companies that appear to be capable of helping you achieve them. Does the Yext certified agency have enough experience in working with businesses in your industry? What is their proof of success? What do past clients say about them? You can always look up a Yext certified company website to learn more, but remember to also check third-party review sites like Google or the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure that reviews are not one-sided. Top Yext certified companies would have consistently great reviews, no matter the source. To take it a step further, you can meet with a Yext consulting representative to ask more in-depth questions and get first-hand experience with Yext marketing agencies. It’s important that you get a great first impression from the people who form the agency behind your Yext certified partner.

Proposals are always negotiable – presenting a revised version can result in a better deal with a Yext certified company. Identifying the best Yext certified companies can take time, and negotiating with them will take even more time and additional effort. Whether you want to negotiate pricing or scope of work, be sure to come up with an offer that the Yext company will find hard to turn down. Not all the best Yext certified agencies will agree to your proposal. If this happens, move on to the next one. Oftentimes, successful negotiations are achieved simply by changing how you communicate. Instead of plainly saying, “That’s too much. Can you do it for less?” paint a scenario of your ideal arrangement and let the agency see how your counter-offer is more beneficial to both you and the Yext consulting firm. Make a suggestion by asking, “What if we do it this way?” for a better chance of the agency listening to your offer. You may need to sharpen your negotiation skills, but asking for revisions on a proposal is something worth doing – especially when you want only the best Yext certified agencies to work with you. Ultimately, you should be able to find a Yext certified company that is flexible, qualified and attentive to your needs.

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