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We Deliver In-Depth Content and Help Businesses Find Solutions

SEOblog was launched in 2013 and has long been a destination spot for anyone wanting to learn more about the ever-changing world of search engine optimization. SEOblog quickly established itself as a go-to platform for SEO resources, tools and content. The website built a loyal audience in its early stages and has experienced rapid growth ever since Thrive Internet Marketing Agency purchased the domain in September 2018. Year-over-year increases when comparing SEOblog’s audience for September 2018 to September 2019:


Increase in Page Views


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Users

Organic traffic is booming, and we expect that to continue to rise now that we’ve just launched a full redesign of the website.
But we felt like SEOblog could offer more than great content. We’ve long been aware of the challenge for business owners to find reliable SEO services. When businesses were searching for the best SEO companies in different areas of the world, there was a lack of reliable information available.

We recognized a need to connect businesses with trusted SEO agencies. Midway through 2019, SEOblog expanded its free offerings by launching a comprehensive SEO expert directory aimed to help businesses easily connect with leading digital marketing agencies.
Now, you don’t have take chances when hiring an SEO agency you know very little about that can lead to failed projects and lost revenue. Instead, you can use our directory to search unbiased SEO agency reviews and select a company you can trust.


You see those two words front and center on our homepage. It’s really what we’re all about here at SEOblog. We’re a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to discover SEO knowledge and grow your business through a trustworthy SEO agency. Here’s a deeper dive into SEOblog’s mission:

open book


When you read our blog, we want you to learn something new. We offer a variety of content that appeals to both SEO novices and experienced professionals.



Education without impact is just wasted knowledge. We keep you up to date on recent SEO news, trends and tools and tell you how to use them to improve your site.



Our SEO directory helps bridge the gap for businesses and SEO service providers. You can find trustworthy SEO agencies by searching our directory by city, state or specialty.


We Live Out Our Company Values Every Day!


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and ensure we’re always dependable and honest in every way.


We don’t believe in smoke-and-mirrors business. We’re up front with our SEO agency ranking methodology and our processes.


We’re committed to bringing our audience the highest quality content every day and connecting businesses with the best SEO companies.


We believe in teamwork and actions over words. We’re as accountable to our customers as we are to our coworkers.

Our Progress

Track Our History Through the SEOblog Timeline

2013 SEO Content

In November, writer James Parsons launched SEOblog.com as a platform to share in-depth SEO content that helped teach novices the SEO basics and also further educate experienced SEO experts.

2016 Milestone Mark

SEOblog topped 1,000 in organic traffic for the first time, setting the stage for a steady climb over the next few years. In June 2019, monthly organic traffic hit 11,000 and pageviews surpassed 42,000.

2018 New Direction

In mid-September, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency took over SEOblog with a commitment to pour its vast resources into adding more valuable SEO content and help businesses find solutions.

2019 SEO Directory

In May, SEOblog added an SEO Agency Directory that features unbiased reviews as a way to help businesses connect with a leading digital marketing agency for professional SEO services help.

2019 New Design

In December, SEOblog launched a complete redesign for the site — rebranding with a new logo and color scheme — in an effort to improve user experience and better serve our fast-growing audience.