It could be that you're searching for online reputation management firms or full-service digital marketing companies offering ORM services. Either way, packages offered by the best reputation management companies can cost somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000 per month. Premium online reputation management SEO packages can command up to $80,000, but that is unusual. Aside from reputation management fees, factors that affect the pricing of online reputation management companies include project difficulty and scope. Sometimes, reputation management consultants are also paid by the hour.

Reputation management firms abound online, so it’s crucial to shortlist the best ones first. You can then start delving into the details, such as their online reputation management SEO experience, approach and authority. Let them know about what you want and see if these ORM companies are capable of aligning with your objectives. The best reputation management companies usually develop tailor-fit strategies for their clients. Not just focused on making quick money, they make sure to recommend online reputation management services that meet business needs. Aside from ORM services, look for an alignment of culture and core values between your company and the reputation management agency. SEO reputation management is a long-term endeavor. It would be counterproductive to have reputation management consultants deliver quick fixes through black-hat tactics. Consider hiring a reputation management expert you can tap again after doing a one-off project.

A proposal should present to you the value offered by a reputation management agency. We advise creating a shortlist of ORM companies you want to contact. That way, you avoid receiving proposals from too many reputation management firms. With a few options, you can assess the quality of their reputation management services, evaluate their online reputation management SEO strategy and estimate the net gain of your expense. If possible, schedule a face-to-face meeting or video call with the reputation management consultants. Ask questions, negotiate terms and test the waters with each reputation management expert. It would be best to connect with your prospective team of reputation management experts to determine culture-fit. After all, it’s your reputation on the line, so you can’t be too careful when dealing with several reputation management agencies. Go for a reputation management expert that is transparent and trustworthy and will meet you in the middle when it comes to proposal terms.

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