The cost of pay per click management services could vary depending on a few major factors. Most commonly, top pay per click agencies would charge by the hour or per project. Our best PPC management company list shows that average hourly rates range from $50 to $150. On the other hand, the sweet spot for project-based PPC management services is $10,000. Some pay per click management companies may extend their prices to 30,000 to $50,000. Keep in mind that a project could last a few weeks to several months. During that period, the best PPC advertising companies combine PPC advertising services with other digital marketing solutions. The most efficient PPC advertising companies would use a holistic approach, which offers more benefit in the long haul. Thus, you have to make sure you’re choosing the best pay per click advertising company in terms of integration and value for money.

There’s no single correct approach to screening the best pay per click agencies. But one efficient way to search for the best PPC management company is to start with a shortlist, which our SEOblog pay per click services experts provide. You can sort the best PPC agency suggestions by SEOblog score, project size, employee size and hourly rate. You can then learn more about each of the listed best pay per click agencies, such as their profile and the scope of their PPC advertising services. You might also want to know if they’re offering end-to-end PPC management services, which cover strategy, campaign implementation and monitoring and performance tracking and reporting. Further, the best Pay Per Click companies should be transparent about the pricing of their PPC marketing services. Like we said above, the top pay per click agencies would only ask you to spend thousands of dollars on integrated solutions. This means you shouldn’t waste your money on expensive, standalone pay per click services. Also, anyone claiming to be the best pay per click advertising company should be able to back it up with case studies or client testimonials. The pay per click management services of the best PPC agency should be apt for your industry as well. However, the best PPC company is likely adept in catering to companies from various industries. Lastly, ask around if your target pay per click management companies adhere to white hat techniques to avoid penalties and headaches later on.

Receiving a proposal from your shortlist of best PPC companies means you’ve reached the next step. This document allows you to get to know each of the top PPC agencies you’re eyeing. See if there’s an outline for the pay per click management services they intend to provide. Sometimes, they differentiate between PPC marketing services and PPC management services — i.e., strategy creation vs. end-to-end PPC advertising services. But the best pay per click companies usually offer both. It’s a sign that a pay per click advertising company is flexible enough to accommodate your needs and preferences. Upon studying the proposal, you can narrow your list by finding out who among the responsive PPC advertising companies are willing to negotiate. You can raise questions, comments or concerns about the terms and conditions. Better yet, focus on the best PPC company proposal as if you’re applying the process of elimination. The best PPC management company would be the one that meets you in the middle, provided you’ve told them your terms and conditions. Besides scope and pricing, some telling items in the proposal include the culture and core values of the pay per click companies, the size of their team and access to an account manager. Schedule a meeting with all of the best pay per click agencies to ensure you’re not eliminating the best fit too soon. Take your time screening the top pay per click agencies until you’re down to the best PPC company for your brand or business.

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